Medications & IVF

The following questions and answers will help you learn more about the IVF procedure offered by The Permanente Medical Group.

What type of medication will I need to take for IVF?

There are a number of different medications. Your infertility doctor will determine what type of medication you'll take based on your particular needs.

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How much does this medication cost?

Most of your medications are not included in the IVF cycle price. Because your medication will be tailored specifically to your needs it is difficult to provide an estimate. However we can tell you that the average patient pays around $3,500.

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How often will the medications need to be administered?

Your infertility doctor will determine how often you'll need to take medication based on your particular needs.

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Are there instructions to teach me and my partner how to administer the medications?

Yes, our case managers are available to instruct each candidate on proper techniques for administering medications. Additionally we have other resources such as the following: https://www.kpivf.com/resources.cfm

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Please speak to your personal infertility doctor about any questions or concerns not addressed here.

To schedule an appointment with your doctor or for more information, please call (888) 331-5601 for our Fremont office — or (888) 381-0627 for our Sacramento Office.