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Daniela: "A Priceless Gift"

The following letter shares the experience of one couple that has seen their lives dramatically change for the better with the help of Kaiser Permanente Center for Reproductive Health in Fremont.

How do you thank someone for a priceless gift? We want to take the time to tell you that a lifetime of words cannot express how thankful and happy we are with the experience we had in your clinic'with the long awaited arrival of our Daniela.

We would like to begin by saying thank you to Dr. D'Amico, who started this process for us. But our eternal gratitude goes to Dr. Farah, for sticking with us, encouraging us and always supporting us through the hard times and through the great times. Dr. Farah was especially sensitive to our first loss and is THE EXPERT as far as we're concerned. Her talent is matched only by her kind spirit and we are eternally tied to each other, now that Dani is here.

We are also very impressed and grateful to Danny, your Embryologist and Cindy your charge nurse who provided such a high level of specialty service with a smile. Thank you also to Shalini, your Nursing Manager, who always provided kind, efficient solutions, when I called the hotline, trying to "remain calm."

Thanks also to Taz, your Financial Manager for coordinating our benefits so seamlessly, and giving us plenty of time and instruction so that we could take full advantage of our benefits. While going through us a rigorous cycle, it was a mental relief not to worry about the financing.

We could go on and on about your department's terrific success rates and expert staff, but our compliments would never end! We look at your staff as a part of our family, who introduced us to our daughter as an embryo and cheered along side us as we hit our milestones!

We talk about your department almost every day'as we look into the face of the precious gift you all worked so hard to give us. We can never repay this debt, but will spend the rest of our lives making sure that Daniela is loved and that she knows that you and your department were a big part in bringing her to us.

Much love and gratitude,
Joanne, Otto and Daniela Rosales

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