Treatment Sequence

IVF Treatment Sequence Timeline

IVF Treatment Sequence Timeline
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Week 0

  • Patient Menstruates.

Week 1

  • Menstruation Ends.
  • Patient begins taking oral contraceptives to prime ovaries. These are taken for up to two months.

Week 3

  • Hormone treatment begins. This continues for a variable number of days to prevent premature egg release.

Week 4

  • Patient Menstruates.
  • Patient is given FSH to stimulate the development of multiple eggs.

Week 6

  • Patient is given Progesterone Supplementation to ensure ovarian lining remains in place for implantation
  • Egg retrieval occurs.

Week 7

  • Embryo Transfer

Week 8

  • Progesterone Supplementation ends.
  • Patient takes a pregnancy test.

Week 10

  • Patient undergoes a pregnancy ultrasound.