Our Lab Facilities

At Kaiser Permanente, the in vitro fertilization (IVF) laboratory is often described as the heart of the program. Our embryologists take great pride and responsibility in creating a safe and optimal environment for embryo development.

Our Equipment

Our highest priority is to ensure all embryos are handled with the utmost care. Using leading-edge equipment, our embryologists work closely with your doctor to tailor lab techniques and services to your specific care plan. Our labs are outfitted with up-to-date IVF equipment, including the latest benchtop incubators (e.g., Labotecht C-Top), advanced laser and micromanipulation systems, as well as critical 24/7 monitors and alarms for cryostorage and incubators.

Quality & Safety

Our labs are equipped with high quality air systems that include carbon filters, which control particulate matter (minute particles) from entering the lab. When present, these particles have the potential to harm sensitive cell membranes. Our air filtration system creates an environment that allows your tissue (e.g., eggs, sperm, embryos) to develop to its highest potential.

Safety protocols are followed by all lab team members. Our labs practice a strict chain of custody procedure to keep your gametes and embryos safe throughout the IVF process in the lab. The technology we have in place, including alarms and cameras, is utilized to protect your tissue.

Our labs are routinely inspected and accredited by the gold standard College of American Pathologists (CAP) to ensure our procedures and protocols meet the highest standards for safety, quality, and effective patient care in reproductive lab medicine. We are members of and report to the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technologies (SART), an organization that establishes clinical and lab standards for IVF programs nationally.

Experienced Staff

The embryologists are led by board-certified leaders with extensive experience in clinical IVF labs. Our embryology teams are well-trained and skilled in assisted reproductive technology.

A family begins in your heart. Our laboratories, the heart of our IVF centers, are here to partner with you on your journey to grow your family.