Financial Considerations

Infertility Treatment Fees

Pursuing infertility treatment is a significant life decision from both emotional and financial perspectives. At Kaiser Permanente (KP), we strive to provide you with comprehensive information about our fees and financial policies up front, so you can focus on starting your treatment. During your consultation, you and your physician will discuss the services we offer and determine a treatment plan. Your treatment plan will be relayed to our financial team to estimate the total cost of services to be provided. A financial counselor will then contact you to discuss the cost estimate, insurance benefits (if applicable), and KP’s payment policies. Final costs may vary from the estimate if changes are made to your treatment plan. Full payment is required at the time of booking.

Important Notes about Fees

(1) Prices are subject to change without notice
(2) All treatments are based on Physician Recommendation
(3) Refunds will be issued in the same form that payment was received once all services have been rendered

The total cost quoted to you will include all applicable fees for services provided by KP including cycle management, monitoring, anesthesia, retrieval, transfer, embryology, genetic testing (KP biopsy fees only), and pregnancy testing fees.

We offer 6 months courtesy tissue (eggs, sperm, and/or embryos) storage in our KP facilities.* After 6 months, tissue will be transferred to ReproTech, our designated third-party facility for long term storage, where their fees will apply.

*Courtesy storage only applies to samples kept at Kaiser Permanente for the first 6 months of storage. Certain cases require that tissue be sent to our third-party storage facility immediately. In these cases, short-term courtesy storage does not apply. If you have IVF benefits, your covered tissue storage period begins with the first 6 months at KP.

IVF Cycle Average Fees

  • Single Fresh or Freeze All Cycle Fee: Approximately $17,030 – $20,100 Fees will depend on the cycle type and inclusion of additional services like tissue biopsy for pre-implantation genetic testing (PGT) or assisted hatching. KP PGT fees only include biopsy of embryos. Additional testing fees are paid directly to a non-KP lab.
  • Frozen Embryo Transfer: Approximately $4,687
  • Donor Fresh or Freeze All Cycle Fee: Prices are similar to the Fresh and Freeze All cycles fees listed above. Your final cost will depend on additional screening and agency fees depending on whether the donor is anonymous or known, as well as agency costs.

Fertility Preservation Average Fees

  • Elective Oocyte Fertility Preservation Single Cycle: $10,396
  • Sperm Preservation: The KP team helps coordinate care with outside agencies that provide this service.

If you qualify for Fertility Preservation coverage under the SB600 legislation or have a Kaiser plan that includes Fertility Preservation benefits, our financial team will assist you in determining your cost share. Your Kaiser Reproductive Endocrinologist and Infertility Specialist will determine your eligibility for SB600 coverage. If you do not qualify for or do not have Fertility Preservation benefits, but have medically indicated reasons for doing Fertility Preservation, a 15% discount may be applied to your cycle fees.

*Services may vary by Site. Click here to see which location is the right fit for you.

Male Fertility Treatments Average Fees

  • Sperm Retrieval: $7,500 – $9,500 (fees adjusted when combined with a vasectomy reversal)
  • Vasectomy Reversal: $10,608
  • Varicocele Repair: $7,030 – $8,112

Excluded From Fees

  • Medications are not included in our fees. Medication fees are paid directly to a specialty pharmacy and can cost up to $8,500 depending on the cycle type and physician order.
    • ReUnite RX offers discounts on medications for patients who qualify.
  • Genetic testing involves a biopsy of embryo tissue in the KP embryology lab and testing of the tissue in an outside, non-KP genetics lab. Testing fees are not included in KP’s fees and should be paid directly to the outside genetics lab.

Gestational Carrier IVF Fees

Gestational carrier/surrogacy cycles vary greatly making it difficult to estimate the cost. The total cost of cycle fees, screening, medications, agency fees, and gestational carrier compensation can range between $60,000 and $175,000 or more depending on if a private or agency surrogate is used and whether insurance benefits are available. Compensation is provided to gestational carriers recruited by an outside agency. Contact the agencies directly to obtain information about their specific costs. Compensation for a known gestational carrier is left up to the intended parent. Compensation information will need to be detailed in a legal agreement drawn up between all parties.

Insurance Coverage

Assisted reproductive technology (ART) treatments like IVF, male fertility services, and fertility preservation, are largely non-covered services; however, certain KP health plans do include these benefits. Prior to starting treatment, it is important to note the differences in the benefits and confirm whether they are included in your plan.

Many Kaiser Permanente members have the fertility benefit, which covers intrauterine inseminations (IUI) and basic infertility diagnosis and treatment. This benefit differs from the IVF benefit, which a much smaller percentage of KP members have. For services to be covered, the person receiving the treatment must have their own IVF benefits.

Sperm retrieval procedures are covered if the person undergoing the procedure has his own IVF benefits.

As of 2020, Kaiser Permanente will cover fertility preservation for certain medical indications. We recommend you speak with your Human Resources representative to understand your benefits. If you’re a Kaiser member, please call Member Services for additional information.

Methods of Payment

Methods of payment include debit cards and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express). Cashier’s check and money orders are also accepted and must be made payable to Kaiser Permanente Health Plan. Personal checks are not accepted. Payment signifies readiness to commence the cycle within 90 days.

Cancellations, Rescheduling, & Refund Policy

A $525 cancellation fee applies if you cancel/reschedule your cycle once a procedure date is provided. Procedure dates vary depending on your cycle, either specific or estimated. IVF physician-initiated cancellations for medical reasons, natural pregnancy, or death of a qualifying family member waive this fee with appropriate documentation. Mid-cycle cancellations receive refunds or credits after deducting all rendered services, including case management fees. Excludes genetics lab charges.