Stress Reduction

"The majority of the research thus far does support the theory that the more distressed one is before an IVF cycle, the less likely one is to conceive."

— Alice Domar, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology,
and Reproductive Biology, Harvard Medical School

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Trying to get pregnant year after year without success is stressful. Many people learn to live with stress and emotional difficulty as a fact of life. When stress and unhappiness grows in one's life gradually, it is easy to minimize its impact on one's well-being and not see the toll that it takes.

Although more research needs to be done to validate a connection between stress and IVF outcomes, Bay Area and Sacramento residents are encouraged to do all they can to feel healthy in mind, body and spirit as they go through treatment. Kaiser Permanente offers several stress reduction classes and resources at various medical centers. More information is provided below.