Cost & Convenience

The following questions and answers will help you learn more about the IVF procedures in the Bay Area and Sacramento offered by The Permanente Medical Group.

How much does the entire procedure cost, including drugs per treatment cycle?

Please see the Fee Structure section.

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Do I pay in advance? What types of payment will you accept?

Yes, payment is required prior to starting IVF. We accept cash, debit and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), cashiers check and money orders payable to The Permanente Medical Group.

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How much do I pay if my treatment cycle is canceled before egg recovery or embryo transfer?

Payment in full is required before any IVF procedure begins. If your treatment cycle is canceled, you will be refunded the remaining balance of the IVF fee, or you may reschedule the IVF procedure for a later cycle. The remaining balance can be applied to the next IVF cycle.

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How much work will my partner and I miss when having these procedures?

For the retrieval and transfer procedures, you will typically miss one day of work for each. You will also need time to visit the local lab during your stimulation period, where your blood will be drawn to determine hormone levels. You may need multiple ultrasound appointments with your personal infertility doctor to check the size of any developing follicles. You should plan to be close to your center of care during the stimulation, retrieval, and transfer phases (approximately 10 days). Your IVF case manager should be able to give you more specific information once you begin.

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If I need lodging, can you help with arrangements?

In certain circumstances, hotel accommodations are only provided for the night before the retrieval and the night before transfer.

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If I do not get pregnant, when do I make my next office visit for further evaluation and counseling?

Your IVF case manager will schedule a follow-up appointment with your local infertility physican approximately two weeks after your pregnancy test.

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Please speak to your personal infertility doctor about any questions or concerns not addressed here.

To schedule an appointment with your doctor or for more information, please call (888) 331-5601 for our Fremont office — or (888) 381-0627 for our Sacramento Office.