Our Lab Facilities

When building the IVF center, Kaiser Permanente spared no expense in creating a state of the art embryology laboratory that would support the growth and development of human embryos to its highest levels. One of the technologies employed by the laboratory includes a specialized HVAC system that utilizes carbon and HEPA filtration to clean and scrub the air in the laboratory of particles and contaminants.

Another critical component to the lab is a specialized gas delivery system that controls the specific requirements for embryos growing in the lab. Customized microscopes and heated work benches to perform the utmost critical procedures on eggs, sperm and embryos were installed and are employed throughout the laboratory. Laser Assisted Hatching and Embryo Biopsy units are also available to the embryology team to provide the most advanced care to your embryos.

Most of the procedures in the laboratory are very specialized and complex and can be performed only by experienced and highly skilled embryology scientists that specialize in human reproductive biology and andrology. To operate such a high-tech lab, Kaiser Permanente has been fortunate enough to have recruited a highly trained team that has over 40 years of combined experience in human embryology and IVF procedures. The senior embryologists in the lab are all recognized and certified by the American Association of Bioanalysts at the level of Technical Supervisor. The entire embryology team is highly trained and dedicated to caring for your embryos in the laboratory.

Additionally, the laboratory has been awarded accreditation by the College of American Pathologists (CAP). The survey process involves inspection through over 600 items that relate to high quality laboratory procedures and systems and assigns deficiencies to any of the items that are not met by CAP standards. Kaiser Permanente IVF achieved accreditation with zero deficiencies!