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"Nothing but Exceptional Service"

The following letter shares the experience of one couple that has seen their lives dramatically change for the better with the help of Kaiser Permanente Center for Reproductive Health.

I am writing this letter to acknowledge Dr. Vu and the Sacramento Infertility Clinic staff. My original appointment for a consultation was back in February of 2008 and we started going through the IVF process in October of 2008. For the past year and a half, we have had nothing but exceptional service from everyone. The nurses are absolutely wonderful, I just love them. They are personable, knowledgeable and made me feel like a friend, not just a patient. The IVF process is not an easy one, physically and emotionally, it can definitely take its toll. I felt as if the nurses were with me all the way, I never felt alone and never had any unanswered questions, they were always there to help and educate me. The staff was always so cheery and upbeat every time I came in, it was great.

Dr. Vu has been just as wonderful, he is very personable and knowledgeable and I felt confident with him. As incredibly busy as he was, he always came in with a smile and never seemed as ifhe was having a bad day. He too made us feel that we were more that just patients, and that is so important when you are going through something such as infertility.

My first round of IVF did not work, but the second one did. I called Dr. Vu a "Miracle Worker", but he modestly said ''I'm not". What he and his staff (and the blessing from God) have given to us, is the most precious thing on earth, children. We will be forever thankful, not just for the fact that it was a success, but because of the way we were treated during the process. Dr. Vu and his staff definitely make the IVF process as pleasant and as easy as it can possibly be considering everything that you have to go through.

Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts,
Lamont McCullough & Lisa Little

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